Hearing Dogs alert their owners to important sounds both in the home and in public. Sounds may include the door, phone, dropped items, name being called, fire alarm, running water, approaching people/cars, etc.  Hearing dogs alert their partner with a paw touch or nose nudge to get their attention and then run  to the location of the sound.  By carefully observing a dog's body language (ears, direction of head, etc.), a hearing dog user is alerted to many environmental sounds. 



Diamond Dogz of Arizona does not receive any government funding.  Your donations allow us to help more hearing dog teams at a lower fee. Your donations are tax deductible.      

Hearing Dogs improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss.  Hearing dogs can provide a person with greater independence, increased safety and a new level of confidence.   

Diamond Dogz of Arizona Hearing Dog Training



Diamond Dogz of Arizona in Phoenix is an all volunteer 501-C3 non-profit organization which was created to provide training and certification to hearing service dog teams for those that are deaf or hard of hearing.